April 23rd

Office Perks

They aren't just for tech giants anymore.

For those of you that aren’t aware, tech companies have become known for providing some of the most amazing employee and office benefits around. Google and Facebook have led the way, but there are some really great startups leading the industry as well.

Inner Geek was founded on the idea that having amazing people, and taking care of those people, will lead to superior ideas and creations...

January 29th

iOS vs. Android

A neutral perspective that deals with both.

While this topic is literally an every day discussion for me, due to my business, I’m writing this post after a “people watching” experience yesterday. Sitting in the salon, waiting to get my hair cut, I overheard a lady ranting about how controlling Apple and their devices are...

December 2nd

Inner Geek Works With Partners, Not Clients

It’s no secret that culture is important to Inner Geek, but that isn’t just an internal philosophy. No matter if you work for, or work with Inner Geek, you’re our family.

That’s why when we are looking at potential new clients Inner Geek may seem picky. Our clients aren’t just a line on our accounts recievables, they are our partners. We want to work with people who share our vision of building awesome things and taking risks...